Facing plumbing issues can be challenging for California homeowners. Repiping your home is a daunting project that is sometimes easy to delay.

However, if you start to notice signs that your home may need a new piping system, it is important to take diligent action. Luckily, the task becomes easier when you can rely on a trusted plumbing company that knows your home well.

By taking care of your piping system quickly, you may be able to avoid creating larger and costlier issues in the future. Failing pipes can cause major plumbing issues that can become a significant inconvenience for you and your family.

Blog Post Summary

  • 1. There Are Fluctuations in Water Temperature
  • 2. You Notice Visible Pipe Corrosion
  • 3. Your Home Experiences Frequent Plumbing Leaks
  • 4. There Is Inappropriate Water Pressure
  • 5. You Start to Hear Strange Noises
  • 6. You Notice Discolored Water
  • 7. Your Water Tastes or Smells Strange

Here are seven signs that your piping system is ready for a replacement:

1. There Are Fluctuations in Water Temperature

One of the signs that indicate your pipes may need replacement is that you notice that your water temperature inexplicably changes.

One way you may easily notice this occurrence is when you take a shower. If the shower temperature feels perfect and it suddenly changes to very cold or hot when someone flushes a toilet, it may be a sign that you need new pipes.

Another scenario is when you are washing dishes in the kitchen and you turn the faucet to adjust the temperature, only for nothing to happen: the temperature stays the same.

2. You Notice Visible Pipe Corrosion

When pipes start to corrode, it is very difficult to fix them. Instead, it is better to consider a replacement, as corrosion can occur both on the inside and the outside of your pipes. This happens most often in older homes whose pipes have not been replaced.

Signs that your pipes may be corroded include rust stains, discoloration, rusty flakes coming out of faucets, and water that comes out red or brown, and perhaps with a rusty odor. This type of issue must be fixed quickly because it may cause health issues, as the water may be filled with lead and copper.

3. Your Home Experiences Frequent Plumbing Leaks

If you experience an isolated incident of a plumbing leak, it is usually not an indication of a major problem. However, if your home experiences frequent and recurring pipe leaks, it may mean that your pipes are beyond repair and need replacement.

This problem is commonly due to thinning pipe walls. As the years pass and water travels through the pipes, minerals in the water cause wear and tear on them, varying depending on the amount of minerals that you have in your water supply. A water softening system can help your water stay in balance.

As the pipe walls start to thin, they become weak and develop small pinhole leaks or sometimes large holes that create water damage. Leaks and water damage are serious issues because they can pose problems for your walls, internal structures, floors, and whatever it touches throughout your home. If you notice leaks in multiple areas of your home, it is a solid sign that your pipes need replacement.

4. There Is Inappropriate Water Pressure

One of the essential parts of a functioning plumbing system is having the right water pressure. If it is too high, it can put excess stress on fixtures and pipes. This can lead to damage, leaks, and a short lifespan of appliances that rely on water such as your dishwasher. In contrast, if water pressure is too low, it makes it difficult to carry out daily functions such as laundry, showers, and various household activities.

If you notice that your water pressure starts to become weak, it may be due to pipe corrosion. This is especially common with older homes. When metal pipes start to age, they can develop a buildup of sediment and corrosion that makes the walls narrow. It makes it challenging for water to pass with proper pressure.

5. You Start to Hear Strange Noises

Your plumbing system certainly should not make strange noises. If you start to hear squealing, shrieking, banging, humming, gurgling, rattling, whistling, or other strange noises, these cannot be ignored. It is a sign that something is happening with your pipes that requires prompt attention.

One explanation for noisy pipes is when your water pressure is too strong for the capacity of your plumbing system. When this happens, your home’s pipes start to vibrate, creating a sound similar to when a vehicle travels at high speeds on an open road. If left unattended, it can create a major break in your pipes that has the potential to cause a significant plumbing emergency.

6. You Notice Discolored Water

Discoloration in water may indicate corrosion in the inner or outer structures of your pipes. Water may appear to have a rusty brown or yellowish tint that comes from rusty buildup inside the pipes.

Pay attention to when you notice water discoloration. Notice if it happens anytime or if it only happens when you turn on the hot water. If the hot water tap is the issue, it can mean that there’s a corrosion problem with the water heater.

If you have iron pipes, the discoloration may appear orange-brown. Lead pipes have a black tint. The water may also present with rusty flakes and a metal odor. The amount of discoloration you notice may depend on the number of rust particles, minerals, and other sediments that have settled in your piping system.

Water discoloration can stain your sinks, damage fixtures and clothes, and can also affect your skin and hair. It is certainly not appropriate to use as drinking water. Many cases of discoloration in the water need a deeper inspection to see if your pipes need replacement.

7. Your Water Tastes or Smells Strange

Finally, another sign that may indicate your piping system is due for replacement is when you notice a strange water odor or flavor. This is yet another indication of rust buildup in your piping system. You may notice an odor that smells like sulfur, which is similar to rotten eggs, or perhaps you notice a strong metallic odor or taste.

This issue may be an indication that your pipes are deteriorating, though it also may mean that your water supply has metal flakes and other signs of rust buildup and corrosion. It is quite important to address this problem quickly. You need clean and safe water for essential activities of daily living such as bathing, cooking, and drinking.

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