Water Leak Repairs

    Recently opened your water bill only to be shocked when you see a drastic spike in what you owe? It could be the result of a water leak.

    You may need water leak repairs if:

    • Undetected leaks within or under your home
    • Leaking or cracked sprinklers or irrigation systems
    • Leaking or dripping hose bibs and/or faucets
    • Running toilets

    Washing Machine Hoses Can Leak!

    Washing machines are typically durable, sturdy, and reliable. However, these machines have a weak point: water supply hoses. A bulging or already cracked water hose can cause water leaks. These problems can cost homeowners money and lead to rust issues and mold growth. If you have concerns about a water leak, first check for a loose hose because you may get lucky and be able to tighten it. If that isn’t it, the leak may be coming from the pump, which can easily be replaced. In most cases, you won’t need to order a new washing machine. A tightened water supply hose or new pump may solve the problem.

    Call our plumbing experts today to schedule a service for any issues relating to water and water leaks in the San Jose area.

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