Suppose you suspect a problem with your home’s sewer line. In that case, it’s a good idea to schedule a sewer camera inspection with a professional San Jose plumbing company as quickly as possible. Broken or clogged sewer lines can lead to many issues, so time is of the essence! Sewer camera inspections allow plumbers to accurately inspect every inch of the underground plumbing system to find cracks, leaks, clogs, and other issues that aren’t visible at ground level. Even if your sewer lines seem to be working fine, scheduling regular camera inspections can help plumbers detect minor issues before they become major repairs.

    Our plumbers get a real-time look into your home’s sewer line for an accurate diagnosis with a video camera inspection. If you need plumbing services, don’t hesitate to call our local experts today to learn more.

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    Professional Sewer Camera Inspection Services in San Jose

    Common issues with home sewer lines include leaks, cracked pipes, and blockages. Tree roots sometimes become trapped in cracked underground sewer pipes because the sources are naturally drawn to moisture. This can cause the roots to grow and expand in the lines, leading to severe blockages.

    If you’re experiencing issues such as frequently clogged toilets or drains or notice standing water or sewage backup in your home’s sinks, tubs, or shower stalls, a tree root blockage may be the culprit. Since tree root blockages occur underground, a camera inspection is the best way to locate and assess the backup.

    Sewer cameras also detect sagging sewer lines that can lead to corrosion and sewer line backups if left unchecked. If your sewer line is fading, you may notice wet spots in your lawn or a sagging foundation. Replacing your sewer line can help prevent major plumbing problems, and a sewer camera is a perfect tool to detect sagging and other issues.

    If you’re concerned that your sewer line may be malfunctioning, keep an eye out for these signs:
    • Poor water pressure inside the home
    • Strong odors in the basement
    • Constant drain backups
    • Basement flooding

    When a plumbing professional conducts a sewer camera inspection, they insert a flexible rod into the sewer line. A camera is attached to the rod’s end, and the rod’s flexibility allows for easy navigation and mobility throughout the sewer line. The camera records images displayed on a screen, and the plumber inspects the photos for signs of cracked pipes, leaks, and blockages.

    Do I Need Sewer Line Camera Inspection?

    For homeowners, the signs that you need a video camera inspection aren’t always obvious. In fact, you may not notice any issues with your plumbing at all, and then suddenly, you’ve got sewerage backed up in your bathroom or kitchen. The good news is, there are multiple signs you can look out for that your home’s sewer line may need a video inspection.

    If you notice any of the following issues, you should call our plumbing professionals immediately:

    • Slow Drainage – One of the early tell-tale signs that your sewer line may be facing issues is slow drainage. While the drain could be occurring anywhere in your home’s plumbing and maybe a quick fix, chronic drainage issues could be the result of damage to your sewer line.
    • Large Trees – Invasive roots are one of the most common causes of sewer line damage. If you have mature trees growing near your home, especially where your sewer line is located, consider having your sewer line inspected every few years.
    • Unusual Noises – If your pipes are making gurgling noises when water is making its way through them, it could be an indication there is an obstruction in your home’s pipes. With a video inspection of your home’s sewer lines, we can quickly identify any clogs and utilize the correct methods to clear them.

    How Does a Drain Line Video Inspection work?

    A drain line video inspection snake is a unique tool. It’s a drain snake that has a small camera located at the very tip. It is entered into your home’s plumbing either by removing the toilet or the drain cleanout. The camera broadcasts a live feed directly to a monitor we have set up. From there, our plumbers can slide the snake through the pipes and to your sewer line. Once we’ve identified the issue, we pull the snake out and get to work making the necessary repairs.

    What Are the Benefits
    of a Sewer Camera Inspection?

    As plumbing technology continues to develop, the professionals at Plumbtree Plumbing & Rooter are at the forefront to provide homeowners with the best, most affordable plumbing solutions. There are numerous benefits to using a camera inspection to locate issues in your home’s sewer line. Our team understands the process and the tools to get the very best results.

    • Accurately Locate Issues – One of the most significant advantages of a Sewer pipe video inspection is we can accurately locate any issues. Before the introduction of the drain line camera inspection, sewer line issues needed to be completely excavated. Now, we are able to identify the problems without taking such drastic measures.
    • Affordable – Sewer line inspections are used to uncover significant issues in your sewer line, which can get even more severe if left unchecked. The price of a sewer line inspection, especially if you’re replacing your toilet, is small compared to the cost of an unchecked issue.
    • Minimally Invasive – With a video inspection, we can uncover any damage or issues with your sewer line without excavating your home’s lawn.

    Additional Video
    Sewer Inspection

    At Plumbtree Plumbing & Rooter, our knowledgeable plumbing professionals are available to answer any question may have about our video inspection services. Learn more about our drain line inspection services.

    • When Should I Have a Sewer line Inspection? – The best time to have a sewer line inspection is before you know there is a problem. The most convenient way to get a camera inside the pipe is by a drain cleanout. If you’re replacing your toilet, and you remember hearing gurgling noises in the house it’s a great time to have the inspection done.
    • How Long Does a Video Inspection Take? – The amount of time it takes to complete the inspection of your sewer line can vary depending on the length of the plumbing. Having access to a drain cleanout may also expedite the process as it allows us easier access to the sewer line.
    • What Are the Common Issues Discovered with a Drain Inspection? – The most common issues our plumbers discover include, invasive roots, cracks and breaks, and excessive buildup.
      Should I Have a Sewer Scope Inspection? – If you own an older home or you suspect there is an issue with your home’s drainage, we highly recommend a sewer inspection.

    Your Trusted Neighborhood Sewer Inspection Team

    If you’re experiencing issues with your home’s sewer line system, the professional plumbers at Plumbtree Plumbing & Rooter are standing by and ready to assist. Our team has years of experience with sewer line inspections, repairs, and replacements, and our plumbers use state-of-the-art camera equipment to find hidden leaks, cracks, and damage in your sewer system.

    We understand that backed-up sewer lines can occur at inopportune times, and our plumbers are available 24/7 to assist with emergencies. In addition, our company receives consistent 5-star reviews across the web, and we offer online coupons and financing on approved credit to help our customers save on costs whenever possible. So whether you need a general plumbing inspection for an upcoming home sale or you’re dealing with a flooded basement or backed-up sink due to a broken sewer line, you can trust us to provide prompt, efficient service.

    Contact us today to schedule the best sewer camera inspection services in San Jose!

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