DIY plumbing repairs are slowly becoming the norm in society today. Many people don’t want to involve professional services in order to cut expenses. However, there are limits on what you can do and what needs professional assistance.
Even with YouTube tutorials, you may find some repair work challenging and require more experienced hands. In this article, our technicians have broken down the tasks you can do and when to call in the trained technicians.

Common DIY Tasks

Our company recognizes that you will not always call for our help for every minor plumbing issue. There are some tasks and repairs that you can comfortably perform with the standard tools at home. Let us review these common plumbing issues:

Faulty Faucet

Faucet problems are common in every home. They may either start leaking or develop a clog which affects water flow. You can quickly solve these two issues with homemade tools. First, if you have a leaky faucet, you can use your spanner and tighten the nut at the leaky joint. Ensure you exert the required force and do not tighten it excessively lest you exceed its limit and ultimately break it.

If you are dealing with clogging, you can clear the clog in two easy steps. The first step is to put water in a container, add some vinegar and baking soda, and then soak the end cap for about an hour. After that, you can remove and scrub it with a toothbrush, and the end cap will become clean.

Slow Drainage

Slow drains are evidence of a minor blockage, but if left unattended, it will continue to worsen. Use your plunger to eliminate the problem if you notice your sinks draining water at a very slow pace. This method also works for slow-draining toilets. The plunger works by applying pressure to push the water through any blockages. However, if you do not see any changes or the issue reappears often, that indicates a worse clog in the drains. Our drain cleaning services will help deal with this problem.

Running Toilet

A running toilet can disturb sleep since the sound of dripping water can be bothersome. Allowing a toilet to run wastes a lot of water as well. The excess moisture also makes the toilet and bathroom floor constantly moist, creating a breeding ground for bacteria. The toilet usually runs when the flap at the bottom of the tank fails to close correctly.

The solution is to clear any sediment at the base of your toilet tank and shake the handle to ensure the flap sits perfectly at the valve. The work only takes a few minutes and restores water flow regulation. Please ensure that you wear some cleaning gloves when inserting your hands inside the tank.

Professional Plumbing Tasks

Whereas the above tasks were straightforward, there are some plumbing jobs that you should only allow trained plumbers to handle. Taking up DIY projects to address them may cost you more time and money, and you will end up with substandard work. Below are some tasks that our professional plumbers encourage you to contact a professional for.

Low Water Pressure

Reduced water pressure can result from various factors, the first being low volumes of water from the supplier. It can also be due to blockage in the intake pipes, which reduces the amount of water passing at a time. The issue can be quite frustrating since low pressure makes everyday tasks take longer.

The best way to solve this is by contacting our expert plumbers, who will come in and inspect the system to identify the problem. If you have an obstruction in your pipes, we will gladly clean it out. However, please do not assume that the pressure will fix itself. We will do all we can to help you restore the required pressure for your household.

Clogged Sewer

A clogged drain and sewer line is not as easy to deal with as a clogged toilet. You will know that you have a blockage through:

  • Foul smells from sink
  • Slow drainage
  • Persistence sink blockage
  • Gurgling sounds

The best remedy is using professionals to perform drain snaking and hydro jetting to clear the passage and remove the dirt blocking your lines. Do not attempt using harsh chemicals to clean your pipes since you risk corroding them, thus shortening their lifespan.

Pipe Bursts

Pipe bursts are very common during the cold winter months. When the water in the line freezes, it exerts excessive pressure on the lines causing them to burst. The other major causes of these bursts are accidental damage when digging and persistent leaks that worsen over time.

Depending on the damage, we may replace the pipe or seal the broken part to increase its lifespan. We also recommend investing in heat tape to help keep your lines warm and prevent freezing any water passing through.

Pipe Leaks

Most pipes leak when they start aging. Depending on the material and strength of your lines, the pipes may last between 20 to 70 years. You can identify a leaky line by the presence of wet patches on your ceiling board, walls, or on your lawn.

If this is due to age, the solution is to replace the existing pipes with new ones. However, if the leak happens to be with the drain pipes, we can perform trenchless pipe lining, which gives a new layer to the inner pipe walls to prevent further damage and keep the wastewater in the system.


In recent years, we have seen people performing remodeling projects on their homes without the help of professionals. While this is a good way to save money, you may pay more for repairs and replacements if you mess up any project step. DIY remodeling projects also take more time, and you may not enjoy the new system you want as soon as you think.

Therefore, we usually advise our clients to hire professional help in these major remodeling assignments. Allow us to give your bathroom and kitchen plumbing a makeover within record time and using the required tools and techniques. This way, you will get the assurance of quality work and get your dream home without hassle.

Water Heater Failure

Water heaters always come in handy, especially during the chilly winter months. When they malfunction, they inconvenience your hot water use and risk increasing your energy bills. Our work at Plumbtree Plumbing & Rooter is to ensure your unit works efficiently at all times.

Whether you have the traditional units or new tankless heaters, we can help you fix any leaks, clogging, and breakdowns. Do not venture into the repair work without knowing the problem source or the relevant skill to repair it.

Why Hire a Professional?

Plumbtree Plumbing & Rooter is your solution for all your plumbing needs. No matter your plumbing issue, we have experts ready to give quality solutions. We proudly serve San Jose, CA, and the surrounding areas! Our plumbing services include drain cleaning, hydro jetting, and fixtures. We can also service your gas and sewer components as well. Visit our website for more information or give us a call today!

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