Every home needs toilets, but when they break down, they may become a major cause of annoyance and irritation. While there are some problems you can address on your own, you should let a licensed plumber handle most plumbing issues to ensure a speedy and efficient resolution. We’ll go over a couple of the most common toilet problems along with solutions. We’ll also explain why you ought to put your trust in Plumbtree Plumbing & Rooter for all your toilet maintenance and repair needs.

Clogged Toilet

One of the most bothersome and frequent problems with toilets is a clogged drain. It occurs when there is an obstruction in the drain pipe that stops the water from draining from the bowl. Wipes, sanitary items, excess toilet paper, and foreign objects flushed down the toilet are the usual offenders. To fix this issue, a bit of elbow grease and a plunger can unclog your toilet.

First, we close the water supply valve behind the toilet to avoid an overflow. Next, we cover the drain hole with the plunger and tighten the seal. For roughly 15 seconds, we vigorously press and pull the plunger. We raise the plunger to check if the water drains. If not, we keep going until the obstruction is removed. If there is a severe clog, a plunger may not suffice. In this case, we can use a plumbing snake or more advanced plumbing tools to remove the clog and restore your plumbing’s function.

Sweaty Toilet

An issue with a sweaty toilet arises when moisture collects on the exterior surface of the toilet tank or bowl. The floor, walls, or ceiling underneath may sustain water damage as a result. Additionally, it may provide a haven for mildew and mold growth. The most common cause of a sweaty toilet is high temperature and humidity variations between the bathroom air and the water in the tank.

To address a sweaty toilet issue, you can reduce the level of humidity in your restroom by using a dehumidifier or installing an exhaust fan. To provide a barrier between the tank and the air, we can also install an insulating kit or toilet tank liner. By doing this, the tank won’t sweat or get cold.

Tank Whistling on Flushing

When the toilet tank makes a high-pitched noise while flushing, it is said to have a whistling tank. It can be particularly bothersome and unsettling at night. The most common reason for a whistling tank during flushing is a malfunctioning fill valve or ballcock that controls the flow of water into the tank.

We look for any debris, dirt, or damage at the ballcock or the fill valve to see whether that’s the source of the whistling sound when the tank is flushing. Next, we clean it and if necessary, replace it.

Toilet Refills on Its Own

When you hear water flowing in the tank despite the fact that you haven’t flushed it, that indicates that the toilet is refilling itself. This may result in significant water wastage and higher water bills. Usually, a leaking flapper or flush valve that lets water seep into the bowl from the tank is to blame for this. In order to address an autonomously refilling toilet, we examine the flush valve or the flapper for any damage, deformation, or wear that might be contributing to the leak. If needed, we replace it.

Toilet Leaks

If you see water dripping or collecting around the toilet base, you have a toilet leak. The floor, subfloor, or ceiling below may sustain damage from these leaks. It can also emit odors and/or spread bacteria, which can be hazardous to your health. A loose or worn-out wax ring that closes the space between the toilet and the drain pipe is usually the source of a toilet leak.

To address this issue, we remove the worn wax ring from the toilet’s bottom and the floor flange. We then use a scraping instrument and a piece of cloth to clean the surfaces. After that, we install a fresh wax ring on the flange and line the toilet on the floor bolts. To seal the wax ring, we firmly press the toilet down.

Toilet Rocks to and Fro

When you sit on a toilet and feel it move or wobble, the problem needs to be addressed to avoid other issues. This may harm the flange, the floor, or the wax ring. Additionally, it may result in breaks, cracks, or leaks in the toilet. Usually, the floor bolts holding the toilet onto the floor are loose or unequally tight. We adjust or shim these bolts to correct this issue. We might swap out the flange, the floor bolts, or the toilet if it continues to rock.

Sluggish Flushing

Sluggish flushing may result in clogs or spills, or it may leave paper or waste in the bowl. Low water pressure, inadequate water level, or a partial obstruction in the drain pipe are the usual causes of slow flushing.

There are various ways to address this problem. We start by turning on the shower or faucet in your bathroom to check the water pressure. Low water pressure could indicate an issue with the water heater or the main water supply. If so, we can remedy the situation. Utilizing a plunger or toilet auger, we also examine the drain system for any obstructions.

Rusty Hinge Screws

The screws that secure the toilet seat to the toilet can rust and corrode over time, resulting in rusty hinge screws. As a result, the toilet seat may become loose, shaky, or difficult to remove. Cleaning agents, moisture, and humidity are the usual culprits behind rusty hinge screws.

Removing the old screws and replacing them with new brass or stainless steel hinge screws is how we remedy rusty hinge screws. These have a higher rust and corrosion resistance.

Bubbling Toilet

When bubbles or gurgling sounds are audible from the toilet bowl, it can be a sign of an issue with the sewer line, drain pipe, or venting system. The water level, the drainage system, or the flushing efficiency might all be impacted by a bubbling toilet issue.

We examine the venting system for obstructions or damage before attempting to resolve a bubbling toilet issue. Bubbles may form in the toilet bowl if air escapes through the venting system due to blockage or damage. Using a garden hose, a vacuum, or a plumber’s snake, we can clean the venting system. We might replace it if it is damaged.

Dealing With Toilet Issues? Call the Plumbing Experts

These toilet problems may compromise your convenience and comfort. To resolve them, you will need expert assistance. That is the role that we at Plumbtree Plumbing & Rooter play. As a locally run and family-owned business, we have many years of experience servicing the community. Regardless of how complicated the toilet issue is, we have the knowledge and expertise to solve it.

We provide 24/7 emergency repairs for any kind of toilet problem. Additionally, we have earned BBB accreditation for our commitment to providing reliable service and meeting our clients’ needs. Furthermore, we are the 2019 Nextdoor Neighborhood Favorite Award winner, demonstrating that our neighbors choose us above others when it comes to toilet services. We also offer other services, including gas leak detection, water leak repair, rooter services, and more.

Don’t allow a bad toilet experience to ruin your day. Give Plumbtree Plumbing & Rooter a call now, and allow us to handle all of your toilet and other plumbing needs.

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