Toilets are an essential part of everyday life. You probably don’t think about it, but you need a toilet several times a day. Having a comfortable and reliable toilet is essential to your health and happiness. Whether you’re replacing your old toilet or building a new bathroom, you need to consider these key factors for your new toilet.


Budget is a key consideration when shopping for a toilet. Toilets can cost anywhere from $100 to $5,000. On the lower end, you’ll find no-frills toilets that work well but don’t have any extra features. Higher-end toilets can offer everything from heated seats to built-in lights. Toilets near the $600 price point are usually pretty durable and offer several features customers want. Aiming for this price point can get you a water-saving toilet that will last several years. Know your budget before shopping for your new toilet.


Size is an important concern when shopping for a new toilet. If you’re replacing an old toilet, then you must consider the “rough-in” size. To get a rough-in measurement, you must measure from the wall to the rear bolt holding the toilet in place. Then, you measure from the bolts to the walls to find how much width your space can accommodate. Usually, you’ll have around 12 inches of rough-in space, but some bathrooms have 10 inches or 14 inches of space. Manufacturers will provide rough-in information with the product specifications. Additionally, you’ll find height, width, and depth information in the specification. Carefully compare their specifications against your measurements to make sure the new toilet will fit. If you’re in a very tight situation, then consider getting a tankless toilet. Tankless toilets are great for tight spaces.

Bowl Shape

Toilet bowls come in two different shapes. Round toilets are usually smaller and a little cheaper. These toilets are ideal for tight spaces. An elongated bowl is a little bigger but offers more comfort. If you value your comfort and space isn’t an issue, then an elongated bowl is an excellent option.

Comfort Features

Comfort is determined by several features. The bowl shape is a crucial factor, with elongated bowls offering greater comfort. Height can play a big role in comfort as well. Standard toilets are 15 inches tall, but you might prefer a taller one. Taller people may consider 17 or 19-inch tall toilets. Toilet seats also play a crucial role. Some toilets offer heated seats or have a cleansing attachment. If you’re in a cold climate, then you should strongly consider a heated seat. Make sure you consider comfort when purchasing your new toilet.

Water Usage

Water usage is a crucial factor when buying a toilet. For toilets, water usage is measured in Gallons Per Flush. This data point makes it easy to compare one toilet with another. Standard toilets use around 1.6 gallons of water. High-efficiency toilets can decrease this water usage considerably. You should consider a dual-flush toilet as well. Dual-flush toilets offer a lower flow rate for urine and a higher flow rate for poop.

Environmentally conscious shoppers should look for WaterSense certification. This certification from the EPA informs you that the product is considered water efficient. WaterSense-certified toilets use 20-60% of the water used by older toilets. You flush many times a day, so WaterSense toilets can save a lot of money and water over time.

How Is It Installed?

Most toilets are floor-mounted. Floor-mounted toilets are attached to the floor during installation. This classic design works well for most people. The design’s popularity means many designs are available to choose from. Additionally, most toilet accessories are built for floor-mounted designs.

Wall-mounted toilets offer a modern look that is gaining popularity with some consumers. These toilets are attached to the wall, so they hang over the floor. These toilets take up less space than floor-mounted options. Cleaning the bathroom is a breeze with a wall-mounted toilet. You simply sweep under the toilet. The toilet itself has less crevices to wipe down. The installation process for these toilets is complicated, and they are more expensive.

Freestanding toilets sit on the floor, but they are not attached. This makes installation a little simpler. These toilets are much easier to clean because grime doesn’t build up at the attachment points. There aren’t many freestanding models on the market, but they have a lot to offer.

How Does It Look?

Toilets are a semi-permanent part of your decor. Whether you’re doing a bathroom remodel or building a new house, you want your toilet to match your style. Toilets are available in almost every color, so take a look at your bathroom and consider which color matches your style. Toilets are available in many styles, from rustic to modern, so narrow down your preferences before shopping. Make sure your new toilet matches your style.

Noise Levels

Noisy appliances can turn your dream home into a nightmare. Some toilets are very noisy, making noise with every flush and as they fill up their tank. A quiet toilet can save you and your family embarrassment. There are some models that offer a “quiet flush.” These toilets are engineered to stay quiet when you flush. Looking at reviews can also offer insight into the toilet noise level.

Flush Strength

You want your toilet to quickly flush away any messes. Nobody wants a clogged toilet, and nobody wants to have to flush multiple times. Make sure your toilet has a powerful flush. Read toilet reviews and consider flushing performance. A dual flush system can save water and get enough power each time. This system gives you access to a high-power flush and a water-efficient flush. If you need more flush power, consider a pressure-assisted toilet. These toilets use air pressure to help evacuate the bowl. Pressure-assisted toilets are usually easier to clean and require less flushing. Make sure you consider flush strength when purchasing your toilet.

Ease of Repair

Getting a luxury toilet is tempting, but these toilets often feature custom parts. A heated toilet seat or built-in bidet might prove expensive to repair. In general, toilets that are outside the norm are harder to work on. This combination of custom parts and difficult repairs can really break your budget. If your repair budget is low, then get a more standardized toilet.

Seating Options

A great seat can really improve your toilet experience. Consider getting slamless lids that close gently and protect your privacy. Seats with antimicrobial coatings can prevent bacterial and fungal growth, which can keep your family from getting sick. Quick-release hinges are available, making it easy to clean your toilet. For a luxurious experience, consider getting heated seats to keep you warm or a bidet style seat for easy clean-up.

Buying a toilet is a very important decision for your home. If you need advice, then contact Plumbtree Plumbing & Rooter. We’re happy to give advice and can help you with installation. Contact us and get your toilet installed properly. Besides toilets, we offer water heaters, drain cleaning services, and plumbing services in San Jose, CA.

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